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Dec 22 '13

I’ve been thinking that one of the points missed when people get pissed off at “I’m a feminist but not a fat, ugly dyke” is that nearly all the feminists worth giving a shit about were at least 2 out of 3:  Bela Abzug, Audre Lorde, Ti Grace Atkinson, Andrea Dworkin, Shulamaith Firestone.  Hell, you even get to the “third wave women” writers that I still care about: Dorothy Allison, Nomy Lamm.  Go back a hundred years and we’ve got Carrie Nation with her battleaxe, valkyrie body and so many suffragettes and women organizers who worked side by side with their “companions”.   And I never seem to be able to stop thinking about how much it means to me that the church I go to was founded by two lesbian women who worked their whole lives to make birth control readily available. 

I mean, you’re not just throwing “undesirable” or whatever women under the bus,  your actively re-writing the history of women’s movements to erase their leaders and most powerful thinkers… who were fat, ugly, dykes. 

And man, I was afraid for so long ( still am)  of being a fat ugly dyke but I was so wrong because women who don’t fit into a patriarchal culture’s views of what women should be are so fucking powerful. 

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Nov 30 '12

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Nov 25 '12


I’ve posted about this before, but when I looked up St. Cecilia (my confirmation saint) as an adult, I was like, “WTF?! I would pick the one saint who got married and still didn’t get laid.” So for a while St. Cecilia and I went through a rough patch, but over time I began to appreciate the virgin martyrs. It’s not like girls in that age chose to get married… so Cecilia was like, “Whatever, you can make me get married, but you can’t make me have sex with him.” Respect. 

On All Saints day I posted a picture of a few virgin martyrs, and someone reblogged it saying something about how we should “pray to them for purity/chastity.” I was like really? Really?!? These girls were tortured for their commitment to their vocation and the best we can come up with is ~purity and not say… courage, fortitude, strength, etc.? 

But about your last part… I don’t really think it’s a question of “turning away from sex” vs. “turning away from dehumanizing social role.” I think it was simply turning towards Christ, and in that sense I don’t think what they did was much different than the male celibates except that it was even more subversive and required more  courage to do. I don’t think you’re saying this, but I don’t like when people sort of reduce the virgin martyrs’ motivations to wanting a “get out of marriage free card” (first of all, it certainly wasn’t free with the torture, rape etc). 

I keep meaning to do a little illustration of the virgin martyrs with the words “No gods*. No masters. No boyfriends.”

*pagan lol

The bolded is my main take-away from this,  because I’m shallow, and I love this.  I would put it on a t-shirt.

But I think you’re right.   Turning towards Christ and towards what Christ wanted for them was the goal, and I don’t think we should or have to water down their faith to honor that a young celibate woman from a good family was doing something a lot more dangerous than a young man would be doing because sex-marriage-babies was her duty to the state and to her father.  And so,  unlike a young man,  she’s saying something extra about choosing Jesus over “the world” . 

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Oct 23 '12
Swift has stuck to a formula and carefully curated image: The patriarchy-friendly, virginal, good, pure, feminine, pretty blonde girl that has been an American ideal for decades. She’s basically a cross between Shirley Temple, Doris Day and the Sunbeam bread mascot.

Don’t Go Calling Taylor Swift a Feminist, Says Taylor Swift

Queued for east coast readers….

Seriously though, considering how “feminists” talk about Taylor Swift (see above; also see Sady “CAPSLOCK” Doyle et al) why would she want to claim the label or feel comfortable doing so? Plus you know if she DID call herself feminist she’d get lectured about how dare she ciswhiteheterogirl coopt the bla bla something bla tumblr derp blah.

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Oh Jezebel.  TSwift is such the poster child for Jezebel et al’s , “everything you do is feminist unless I decide you aren’t cool enough to be feminist”  crap.  Well, if you’re Rihanna you can maybe be feminist as a counterpart to Taylor Swift…today…and then Jezebel will go right back to flinging feces at Rihanna next week.

But why I am wasting words arguing with the people who employee Hugo Schwyzer to tell us all what feminism is?  Tay’s going to go lounge in her Hampton’s beach house, counting her money with her floppy eared cat and her teenage Kennedy boyfriend, and all Jezebel will ever be is mean, a liar, and pathetic. 

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Oct 16 '12

Like what do I even say to that 

Honestly,  I just feel bad for the dude right now.  
GWU is expensive.  He’s probably got fuck tons of students loans for a degree in a not especially marketable field.   And on top of all that,  they’ve apparently taught him not a damn thing.   I mean, what’s his course load look like?  What’s the required reading?  I can’t even imagine. 


Like what do I even say to that 

Honestly,  I just feel bad for the dude right now.  

GWU is expensive.  He’s probably got fuck tons of students loans for a degree in a not especially marketable field.   And on top of all that,  they’ve apparently taught him not a damn thing.   I mean, what’s his course load look like?  What’s the required reading?  I can’t even imagine. 

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Oct 1 '12

Hating porn is not a hill I personally choose to die on.

Defending women who hate porn is a hill I will die on. 

No matter how you personally feel about pornography and prostitution, an attack on anti-porn women is an attack on all women. For serious. No (or very little) hyperbole   

When leftist dudes or radical queer dudes get their knickers in a twist over the evils of anti-porn women, it means they’ve drawn a line in the sand.  They’ll support feminism as long as it doesn’t threaten their personal sexual satisfaction  Cross that line and you’re an oppressor.  Leftist dudes love the idea of fucking a “liberated” women; they hate the idea that a liberated woman might not want to fuck them. 

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Aug 19 '12
Their natural, God given role is to be a leader.

commentator on a catholic news site, arguing that men are to always be leaders of everything

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Aug 16 '12

Let’s be honest




It’s not that porn lovers don’t know that rape is an inevitable consequence of continuing the porn industry. They just accept it as an operating cost.

The prevalence of rape has actually decreased since porn has become easier for adults and adolescents to access. There is also no known correlation between porn and sexual assault, despite what the feminists-as-fascists believe.

You’re just reiterating the same nonsense spewed by the media back in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Porn causes rape in the same way that violent video games cause school shootings.

Since you’re only presenting one variable here and don’t seem to understand that correlation doesn’t imply causation, I’m going to propose an alternate theory:

The release and wide-spread availability of Star Wars and its sequels has led to a marked decrease in instances of rape in the United States.


I’m just so, so creeped out by the implication that access to porn, like, allows rapists a safe “outlet” or helps them with their urges or any argument that in any way implies that men choose porn over rape.  Which, let’s get real, even though dude says “there’s no correlation”,  he’s implying that porn is a good thing because it helps men with their sexual urges, etc etc. And it’s a common argument that dude’s make about porn and prostitution. 

I could never put my exact finger on why until I read Snowdropexplodes story about how he tried to rape and murder a woman but stopped at the last minute….and then, in that story,  insisted that access to fake snuff porn kept him from murder.  It jus tmade me shudder.

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Aug 10 '12




When you start telling people what to do/when to do it/what to wear/etc is the when you should re-evaluate. I shouldn’t HAVE to fear rape in the first place.

what is this from?

Death Proof

one of the bestest movies ever.

oh man do I love this movie. It is the most Bechdel-Test-Passing movie about killing men ever. 

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Aug 10 '12

Rosie the Riveter represented working-class women


Let me repeat that, working. class. women.

Not all women’s rights. Not feminism.

Working. Class. Women.

While the message falls under feminism, it caters to a specific group of women.

Please remember that that next you decied to dress up like her.

Or make art work incorporating her image.

hmmm…I don’t think that’s an accurate thing to say.  The image wasn’t created to be inspiring to working class women (or women at all),  it was created to be patriotic and inspiring wrt to the war effort.   It’s also kind of ahistorical to think of women who worked in defense industries as across the board, “working class”, since women of all class backgrounds took defense industry jobs and, of course,  all those women lost those jobs after the war.  

I can see the argument that Rosie the Riveter currently represents a working class woman, sort of but I think that arguments a little shaky considering the jobs typically held by working class women these days.  

But it’s just not true that she “represented working class women”.  Using her as a feminist symbol of any kind is already a re-interpretation of the image. 

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