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Aug 15 '13

On a related note:  anti-Bechdel test backlash enrages me, in a way that I find surprising,  because, like, I’m not super invested in it,  or in living by it and I always like to remind people that Fun Homes  fails the Bechdel Test.   Which I think is important as a reminder as to just how male-centric the whole concept of storytelling is, to the point where we can’t  even tell our own stories, even our own lesbian stories without reaching first to our relationships with men.  Also, it’s helpful as an example when people start nattering on about “nigels” because not fucking dudes does not stop you from letting the shadow of men and their dramas and their opinions dominate your life.  Ask me about my dad, and my brother, etc.

Anyway,  it bugs me that people are falling all over themselves to insist that the Bechdel Test is flawed, etc because a cool, socially progressive action movie with an awesome Asian woman protagonist doesn’t pass it.  Yeah. I loved Pacific Rim too.  I love Mako Mori too.  That movie makes my heart soar and I love it’s commitment to make a socially progressive action movie and it still sucks and is still sexist that nowhere does this movie portray a relationship between women. 

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