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Mar 11 '12

I just want to be a peasant

 Yesterday at Waldorf school,  we got the 7th grade drawing lesson:  The Renaissance, make your own art museum, from the enthusiastic Russian drawing instructor.

"As it is the renaissance, and you are renaissiance women, you will take on my roles in this class….

  • "First you are an architect, drawing out a plan for your room" (this lasted an hour and included a lot of stressful use of straight lines. I can’t do straight lines that well
  • "Now you will stop being architect for a moment and become a sculptor." That was a little easier.
  • "Now you will be interior designer,  putting painting on the wall of this gallery you have drawn."

At this point, Katie leans over to me and says, “I think I would prefer to be a peasant. I like my tasks to be routine and punctuated by drunken festivals.”

"Fuck that, " I responded, "If we get to choose, I want to a Medici and pay people do this stuff for me."

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