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Jan 21 '12

All this twee fake-European fairy tale crap

that gets uncritically laid down by some Waldorf teachers just infuriates me because it’s so stupid and it’s so reflective of this casual upper-middle class intellectual type of racism where protecting children from the harmful aspects of modern society is coded as protecting them from anything other than this romanticized European pastoral ideal.  And fuck that.   

And it’s missing something genuinely insightful that Rudolf Steiner, wackadoo though he was,  was saying. That stories matter!  That what’s good for children is to live in a world filled with stories and that what children should learn in school is that the whole world is full of sacredness, including themselves.  We can do that! But it’s got to be real.  I’m not from the goddamn shire, and neither are any of the schools I would teach at because it’s not a real place.   

and thus ends my frustrated rant about Waldorf education today. 

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