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Nov 11 '11

Not Being Into Waldorf Education Privilege Checklist

All stupid hobbies need a privilege checklist.

  • I don’t have to own Stockmar Brand colored pencils.  I don’t even have to own any colored pencils.
  • I, or my children, or my students, most likely learned to read while our baby teeth were still in our mouths
  • The fact that my lack of fine motor skills makes learning crotchet, calligraphy, knitting or watercolor drawing has never been a problem for me.
  • No one has ever attempted to discover my “temperament” by weighing the relative clamminess of my hands. 
  • I can interacted professionally or socially with people who have serious degrees in education or child development without worrying that they are judging me
  • Not being able to correctly pronounced “zoroastrianism” is not likely to be a serious problem for me, especially if I am 9 years old.
  • My pop culture memory is uninterrupted by stretches of years when I didn’t watch any TV. 
  • I, my children, or my students don’t have to worry about being shunned by other children being being a fucking weirdo.
  • I, my children, or my students never had to worry about gnomes attacking them,  because they were never taught that gnomes are totally real.

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  1. cookiecatcrumbs said: oh dear, I’ll have to write one of those long involved post on my families level steiner/non-steiner privilege - 7 years of public education vrs the next 6 of Steiner schooling :D
  2. optimistic-red-velvet-walrus said: actually, i had to buy color pencils as a kid in public school too
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